The Tangerine Times is a platform that aims to collect and showcase ideas that span multiple points of view and mediums ultimately putting into question banalities you never considered from plastic bags to your grandmothers curtains and the heinous subway.

Here’s a bank of phrases/words that broadly encompass what we look for in potential submissions…

  • Tell me a story about you. – Pockets of people in places. Not about mass production. 
  • Satisfy our intellectual / nerd side with facts
  • Provide me with punchy. Get on the funk train. I want some jumbo, mambo, boom boom, tango.  
  • Be uncomfortable about what you wrote.
  • Twists, turns, swirls. Or a big u-turn. Your take on a (banal?) subject.
  • Anecdotes or a how-to.
  • Detail. Specificity. Niche.
  • Originality.
  • Be the other side of a filter bubble.  
  • The guy I like and my grandma should enjoy reading your work.  
  • Readers should pee their pants. Sniffle in their dirty Kleenex. Pensively look at the ceiling when lying in bed at 3 am – 

Few Examples: 

  • A sassy response to one of our articles
  • The word interesting is deluded from meaning in American English. 
  • Our relationship with plastic bags is the same as with bad boys. (answer: toxic.)
  • A love letter to Stalin from his high school sweetheart, and a birthday card from his grandma.


  • Use reliable sources. Be ready to show them if requested. 
  • Somewhere along the lines of 800 – 1,600 words. Or a 2  to 7min read – our attention spans are problematic these days.
  • Between 3-10 Images or 1 video

Unsure if your shower thoughts follow our soapy guidelines? Send along anyways : If you are not submitting an article please we-transfer everything.

P.S. Submissions can be anonymous – Just let us know