The Project

2 Freaks + Corona* = The Tangerine Times

*The equation is currently debated – as we have not yet established the importance of corona as a variable.

The Minds

Since writing a biography is never easy, where is crossing the line between boasting or saying too little? We wrote each others bios.
ps: The Tangerine is quite good at it – I recommend that you contact her for yours.

An odd mixture of business as usual and a love for her morning coffee… Converse, clogs or cowboy boots, she’s on the go. Think, boom boom boom with a tango.

Her brow is creased as she rushes to submit her final final final version of whatever ambitious project has caught her attention. Whether her current startup, the NGO she built in high school, or her continued difficult love affair with the Russian language for the seventh year in a row, she’s never one to choose a simple task. Rather jumps headfirst and then will somehow delve into an explanation as to how they are related anyways. 

Zesty and competitive, but not without humor. Her biggest defeat was not being able to convince the Cornell ski team to pose for a naked calendar. She doesn’t buy sunglasses for more than $10 and has always shopped in Maminou’s basement. 

Regularly dances to rock & roll in her living room with two sisters, dog and Maman. She’s about the inside joke. The Sunday habits tinged with an irony that only people who have known each other for a lifetime can have. Maybe that’s why all her essays have a metaphor for everything that perfectly crystallizes and shows everything on a human to human scale.

Pineapple Logo

Unapologetically honest, and won’t sparkle it with a darling. Strolls and skips from the Duomo to the Ponte Vecchio. Yet she photographs, sketches and paints the orange traffic light cones and a mix mash of textures. Never creatively content. 

Alice in Wonder-full with the tea cup on her head. Ratted as a belligerent by her university’s art Dean, she decided to switch to computer science. Charmingly chaotically Italian and subtle. Always curating color palettes to match the mood. 

She created her foulard company, making what your grandmother wore our generation’s avocado on toast.

Sparkles in her green eyes, she looks at geeky tech articles, effervescence, kitsch and jellyfish. She comes from a family legacy of famous beautiful colourful swirls, and has yet to admit she is her own acquired taste: fragrant. Attend one of her pasta dinners, with a menu of chitchat, endless laughter, debates of The Master and Margarita, and 10 people wildly dancing in a cramped kitchen.

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