Why We Fall for the Bad Boys

Yes I know, I’m a murderer. Strangled sea turtles. Drowned whales. Choked birds. They found death by swallowing what they thought would be their next supper – unsuspicious that it would be their last. I blindly premeditated my next prey because I fell for the plastic bad boy, and casually pointed the blame far away. It’s a doggie dog world. so we’ll say it’s on the food chain: manufacturers of plastic bags, shopping malls who give them out for free, governments who have yet to pass a decree declaring their illegitimacy. Or you could blame it on me. But it was all because of him: the plastic bag

My brother's birthday cake

Mille Feuille

My instagram states the following : Graphic Designer, 3D artist, creative so I would imagine that my paintings, photography and design would have a higher engagement rate than the cake I baked for my brother on his birthday…

Steamy Spotlight n1: Collages on Procreate

Spotlights are a way to showcase the creative talents around us. Below is our first submission by none other than the Pineapple herself. I should write a cool artists statement that illuminates my intention and ideas. However for the following sketches I was just having fun on my iPad. I use an app called Procreate which is very intuitive, and not janky making the act of drawing very seamless. The following sketches are me exploring the boundaries of photo / collage and sketching. Playing with color, surface and depth of field.

My Grandma’s Curtains

It’s been a little while since I have been obsessing over flowers and florals. When talking to friends, everyone was keen on me distinguishing between the two. Flowers are associated with nature, whereas florals go from being magnificent to making people scrunch their noses…